Creative Time

If you have a desire to do something that fills your heart with joy, go and create what you desire! 

Creative Times

By Brianna Kiley

Sounds like another typical year… of boredom. We get busy by activities, and the next thing we know, the year is over. Not that 2020 has been anything but boring, I mean, we are in the middle of a pandemic (thanks Ms. Rona). Do you ever feel that there’s got to be more to life – like having more creative time? Sometimes it just takes a few minutes to move your focus from social media to something more creative. When you focus on being creative, life just seems to be more happy (IMO). 

“Joy is everywhere and in everthing around you.”

Out of boredom, I found the gift of writing, painting and drawing; it is this boredom that I found my creative side. How amazing would life be if everyone tapped into their artistic side – happy and amazing!

Find creative ways to cure boredom. Try these hacks.

  1. Look at your landscape and imagine what it must have been like for the first people ever to walk the Earth. Do you think that these people understood the significance of this place? What do you think they were feeling? What were they thinking? How do you think their lives were changed? Draw, write or paint your answers. Creativity isn’t just about what we can see, it’s about the unseen (IMO).
  2. Grab a book and go where you won’t be disturbed. Read a few chapters. You might even want to read it aloud. After you’ve read a few chapters make a list of all the creative ways you could paint the story.
  3. Grab a journal and just start writing words. Writing is an excellent form of personal expression. There is no right or wrong way of journaling. Find your personal favorite and stay with it. Write. Doodle. Draw. You get to do whatever you want in your journal. This is your personal creative space.
  4. Create a special book for others. Include an original poem, a photograph, a short-story from any ideas you might have. Again, there is no right or wrong answers.
  5. You were given an incredible creative gift. That means it was too good for you to remain bored. Take some time to consider what gift you can give to others. You might consider drawing. You may want to write poems. You might want to express your creative ways through painting. After you decide what incredible gift(s) you were given, start doing your gift daily – your creative time is waiting.

“I do not believe today everything I believed yesterday; I wonder if I will believe tomorrow everything I believe today.” ~Isaac Goldberg


by Brianna Kiley [Excerpt from Words on a Page]
Cool and pretty
Jumping in leaves all day long
Leaves falling from trees in the breeze
The cool breeze and leaves

“Creative sparks of genius, hidden from plain sight.” ~Susan R. Kiley

Creative Time Has No Boundaries

Creativity shouldn’t be defined by a book – a set of rules. Be whatever kind of writer you want to be. Don’t listen to the trolls, haters, and unkind people. There are no perfect words in the world – as a creative person – do YOU! 

I’d love to know what ways you use to cure boredom – through artistic expressing – and not be perfect! Please let me know! I shouldn’t have to say it, but if you do choose to leave a comment, please be kind or move along. I’ve a teenager, and words hurt. Thanks! 

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