Poetic Perspective

If you have a desire to do something that fills your heart with joy, go and create what you desire! 

Creative Times

By Brianna Kiley

I ran from school on Wednesday, March 11, for a four-day spring break, not knowing if school will resume. There was no intention of writing poetic perspective as a classroom assignment – rest as my only agenda. 

I jumped into my moms car and asked the question, “Do you think St. Albert will close?”

“Friday the 13th becomes a US national state of emergency as 16 US states closed schools to reduce spread of COVID-19”

My mom replied, “I have a feeling you won’t be returning.” 

From a Poetic Perspective

by Brianna Kiley 
The coronavirus is very mean
because now everyone is stuck in quarantine.
Due to corona, the outside world is very dry.
When you look up, there are no planes in the sky.
You never see a train on its track. 
And for heaven’s sake, not even Uncle Al went out for a Big Mac.
If you go outside you’ll catch a case – the case of Miss Rona’s warm embrace.
She will take you from your healthy state, and put you in a place that’s not so great.
I’m sure most people would agree with me, that they love summer like a bee loves its honey. 
Please stay inside!
That is all we ask. 
Because for summer of 2020, I don’t want to be wearing a mask. 
poetic perspective

Covid-19 actually started in November 2019, Wuhan, China. No one ever thought it would actually make it to the US, let alone the middle of America, Iowa. But before summer 2020 would end, Miss Corona had established residency – and didn’t intend leaving anytime soon. 

My poem, about Miss Corona would initially be published in Dimensions, Volume 54, and now here for all to see. 

I’d love to know what creative ways you use to write – and not be perfect! Please let me know! I shouldn’t have to say it, but if you do choose to leave a comment, please be kind or move along. I’ve a teenager, and words hurt. Thanks! 

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Writing Perspectives 

  1. Look at your landscape and imagine what it must have been like for the first people ever to walk the Earth. Do you think that these people understood the significance of this place? What do you think they were feeling? What were they thinking? How do you think their lives were changed? Draw, write or paint your answers. Creativity isn’t just about what we can see, it’s about the unseen (IMO).
  2. Grab a book and go where you won’t be disturbed. Read a few chapters. You might even want to read it aloud. After you’ve read a few chapters make a list of all the creative ways you could paint the story.
  3. Grab a journal and just start writing words. Writing is an excellent form of personal expression. There is no right or wrong way of journaling. Find your personal favorite and stay with it. Write. Doodle. Draw. You get to do whatever you want in your journal. This is your personal creative space.
  4. You were given an incredible creative gift. That means it was too good for you to remain bored. Take some time to consider what gift you can give to others. You might consider drawing. You may want to write poems. You might want to express your creative ways through painting. After you decide what incredible gift(s) you were given, start doing your gift daily – your creative time is waiting.

“I do not believe today everything I believed yesterday; I wonder if I will believe tomorrow everything I believe today.” ~Isaac Goldberg